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Since I was a teenager growing up in the mountains of Colorado, I have loved the smell of books.  There’s just something about that heady, woodsy, papery scent that makes me want to crawl into the corner of my couch and curl up with a good novel.  This is still my favorite pastime but it has evolved over the years into a love for writing the stories I love to read.

​I have always loved the arts although I don’t think of myself as “artsy.”  In high school, I was the wallflower who stepped out of her comfort zone and onto the stage by way of my drama class.  In my twenties, around the time of the “big hair” days, I played around with modeling, while at the same time pursuing a career in public safety.  I obtained an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice because I thought that’s what I wanted to do.  I started a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and this is still something that is close to my heart.  Speaking of heart…. I’ve always been a romantic at heart!  I love creating stories of strong young women who explore and discover the depths of their inner beings and find that they are stronger than they thought they were.

Now a resident of Atlanta, I spend my days completing my MFA in Creative Writing and working on my debut novel, a Young Adult paranormal romance.  I also spend copious amounts of time volunteering and guiding young women and girls on the path to strength and independence.  It's my mission in life to encourage girls to reach for the stars and to pursue their dreams.