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Planning For The Year

Planning is essential. At least, it is for me. I can't do without a good, detailed plan.

For the last six months, I've been watching a lot of other authors to see how they organize their life. Because, let's face it. We're not just writers. We're parents, spouses, friends, family members. We don't live in a writing vacuum. Well, at least, I don't.

We do other things, right?

So, how do we keep it all together?

You guessed it! We plan!

So, what does your plan look like for 2020?

Here's mine, in case you're curious....


I took this from indie author Sarra Cannon. Sarra is one of the most organized indie authors I have found.

Sarra chooses a word for the year that reflects her goals. I decided to try it for myself.

My word for 2020 is EMERGE. I think this may have been Sarra's word at some point and it resonated with me so much, I had to use it!

I chose this word because this will be the year I finish and publish a book. Not just ONE book, but hopefully FOUR books. It represents my emergence into the world of authordom, of being published, of putting it all out there.


Another tool I've begun to use is a simple brain dump. I always have all these ideas running amok through my head. I needed to get them down on paper so I could start to organize them and plan them.

It has helped so much!


Another tool I've been using as suggested by Sarra Cannon is a Kanban board. I love the visual aspect of this!

In the beginning, I had to remember to actually look at it, though. Now that I'm used to it, I love seeing my progress as tasks get accomplished.


This one is essential for my writing. There are several writer's planners out there but I could never find one to suit me, so I created my own. I do things like that.

I like to use a variety of plotting methods, so my planner allows me to use several different ones. I also use a story board, scene sheets, and four-page character profiles!

It has helped me so much to stay organized in my writing.


Did I mention Sarra Cannon? Oh, yeah. I did.

I love her system of organization so I've taken a lot from her.

Like Sarra, I've moved to a quarterly system and so far it's been working well. It doesn't overwhelm me and I feel like I'm able to get a LOT more accomplished.

The hard part is deciding which three main goals to stick with and putting the others off until another quarter.

How do you plan your year? I'd love to hear how you do it!

Happy Writing!

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