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Mood Board - Writing Inspiration

I really love mood journaling. Actually, I've recently gotten more into journaling in general. I especially love bullet journals where I can be creative with layouts.

Mood journaling is somewhat similar, I think. I'm a visual person, mostly, and I love images that reach out and grab me. When I'm in the early stages of plotting a book, I will spent hours or even days searching for character photos, pics of the setting I imagine, or just images that speak to me based on the book I want to write.

So, here's a few images from my mood journal for Blood Ties.

The top right picture is The Savannah River. Blood Ties takes place in Savannah and the main character, Lia, loves to look out over the river.

The picture below that is one of the original photos I chose as inspiration for Lia. I love the colors of it and the fantasy vibe. I always pictured Lia with dark hair and, all you'll find out if you read the book, the blue color is significant!

The top right photo is one of my favorites. My husband found this one for me and it's my inspiration for Lia's nemesis, the she-demon Lilith. All I can say is that this photo is perfect for Lilith.

The bottom right photo is the one I chose to represent Dominic's southern plantation-style home. The difference is that the one in my imagination has vast, sweeping wings on either side. I love describing this house in the book as there are so many interesting possibilities in all the cracks and crevices.

How do you get inspired with your characters and setting? Do you use visuals like this or do you have another method?

I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Writing and Reading!

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