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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by!

I am an author and creative entrepreneur. You may be asking what exactly that means. Read on, dear friend!

I write adult and young adult romance. I love a good story with some deep, dark emotions and personal triumph. I love romance in all its forms - paranormal, contemporary, historical. I guess you could say I'm multi-passionate when it comes to love stories.

I also love graphic design and helping other writers. To that end, I create logos and branding kits for authors and other women-owned businesses. I love to help writers organize their stories - hence, the Novel Planner. And I love journals and adult coloring books - hence, Rosewood Press.

I guess you could say I have a hard time sticking to just one creative outlet. And since the world is my oyster (and yours too!), why not do it all?

I hope you look around my site! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and find me on Instagram (see below).

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