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Crimson Ties


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When Lia Holley meets Dominic, a handsome and alluring vampire, sparks fly…literally. They discover they can dreamfast, a rare telepathic connection, and she finds herself bound to him against her better judgment. But as Lia and Dominic begin to fall in love, a sinister threat conspires to rip them apart.


For a century, Dominic has co-existed with Lilith, the jealous she-demon who made him.  As Lilith’s obsession with Dominic grows into an unpredictable and deadly rage, Lia finds herself in a bitter fight for survival, hunted by the she-demon and the pack of werewolves she commands. But there’s another reason that Lilith wants Lia dead.


Lia holds the secret to Lilith’s destruction. But as Lilith’s fury becomes uncontrollable, Lia knows she must find the courage to commit the ultimate sacrifice — her own death — or risk losing everything she loves.

Crimson Descent

Crimson Descent


When Abby Spencer’s family is murdered, she closes herself off to everything, only allowing Zane, the handsome, magnetic vampire who has become her closest friend, to breach her walled reserve. As she leans on him more than ever, they discover a deeper connection lies between them and that they are bound in ways neither of them expected.


When a stranger arrives on her doorstep, Abby finds herself staring into the face of her mirror image – her twin sister, Lia, who brings a dire warning. Abby’s life is in danger.


Navigating the loss of her family, curious and intrigued about the budding attraction between herself and Zane, she discovers her entire life has been a lie. Needing answers, she heads to Savannah with her newfound sister and finds herself embroiled in a deadly cat and mouse game with a demon who wants revenge.


Now, as the demon closes in, Abby must fight for her life, and she knows there is only one way to survive. She must die.


Because death runs in the family.

Crimson Legacy

Crimson Legacy


When Brenda Carmichael lays her hands on an ancient amulet, her ordinary life is turned upside down. Everything she knew to be true is now false. Her friends are not who she thought they were, and Toby, the gorgeous hunk she can’t seem to live without, is part of it.


The amulet catapults her into a world she didn’t know existed, where she is a pawn between two supernatural beings. Stumbling between two worlds, she discovers abilities she never knew she had and that she is inexorably tied to a witch and vampire. But discovering who she truly is, is only the beginning. She must navigate a new normal, but when the Original vampire comes to claim her and kill her friends in retribution, she must declare her birthright which requires the ultimate sacrifice. There’s only one problem.


She’s already dead.