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Proofreading & Editing Services

I specialize in US-based English writing, editing, and proofreading.

Each writer's needs are different and unique. My approach is to get to know my clients to discover the purpose and intent of their piece and what services they need. Because not all writers need the full gamut of services, I offer a la carte services so you only pay for what you need.

As part of my process, I only work with a small handful of clients at one time. This allows me to focus exclusively on each client's needs. On the right-hand column, I list the number of spots I currently have available. If there are no spots currently open, feel free to send me an email regarding the services you need as a spot could become available and I can add you to the next opening.

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Content

Services could include:​​

·         Overall flow & structure

·         Pacing

·         Character Development

·         Scene Development

·         Proofreading for grammar, sentence structure, spelling.

·         Link & website checking


Services could include:

·         Review of thesis statement

·         Overall structure of document

·         Sentence structure and style of writing

·         Style guide (APA/MLA) - citations & reference page

·         Source review

Book a FREE 15-minute Consultation

Proofreading / Editing


$0.02 up to 50k words

$0.025 over 50k words

Overall structure, paragraph & sentence structure, flow, pacing, word choice, link & website review. Grammar, spelling, mechanics.

Novel Planner Cover 2022 version.png
Story Development


$30.00/hour (1 hour minimum)

Includes plot and character development, story arc structure, character arc, etc.

*Includes my Novel Planner (a $25 value)

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